Show Stopper Saturday #57 ~ Fresh Vegetable Recipes

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Hi friends! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!   We are at another football game today.  A lot more practices to watch and only a few games left of the season.  Just when Easton is really understanding the concept of the game, it will be all over.  That is, until next year! Shall we get this party started?!   Be sure to visit and follow ALL of our HOSTS to see if you were featured. We also share our favorites links ... read more

Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Granola Bars

Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Granola Bars with #pumpkin #chai #chocolate

Homemade Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Granola Bars are swirling with cinnamon, brown sugar, and coconut.  Pumpkin and chocolate in every single bite!   Since this is the non-official time of year to break out the pumpkin action, thought I'd share with you my latest (and greatest) creation thus far.  Once you make these Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Granola Bars, I promise you will be going back for more... and more.   Trust me.  I know.  I pretty much ... read more

Show Stopper Saturday Link Party #56 With Creative Pizza!

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Hello friends! I am so happy to be back to hang out with you all!  I've had such a fun and adventurous summer with my family.   But, I'm super delighted to see what you all have been up to since I've been gone.   The other thing I'm really thrilled about is that we have expanded our party.  I'm happy to announce our two new hosts every week--  Taylor, at Food Faith Fitness and Melanie at Melanie Makes!  They are two amazing women.  You are for sure going to ... read more

Fusilli Caserecci with Peppered Bacon Clam Sauce

Peppered Bacon Clam Sauce poured over a bed of pasta! #bacon #clams

A rich, creamy clam sauce with crispy peppered bacon poured all over a bed of pasta. Fusilli Caserecci with Peppered Bacon Clam Sauce is so full of flavor and simple to make! Seafood and pasta has got to be one of my favorite kinds of foods to indulge in. With pasta, there is endless shapes and textures to choose from.  So much possibilities!  Fresh seafood, on the other hand, is a tad bit harder to come by here in Utah. Living in the middle of a state that is nowhere ... read more

French Dip Shredded Beef Sliders

French Dip Shredded Beef Sliders with #sandwiches #crockpot

Slow roasted shredded beef cooked with all it's juices and placed inside of a slider roll with melted cheese.  French Dip Shredded Beef Sliders are the perfect size for any appetite! How has your summer been? Summer here in Utah is not long enough.   So to help solve the problem and make it last as long as possible... I get the boys out of the house every day the sun is out.  That way we can capture every single moment of our not-so-long summer, before winter ... read more

Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Pizza Pockets

Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Pizza Pockets with #homemade #pizza #dough

Alfredo cream sauce swirled around spicy melted cheese and buffalo chicken pieces, all stuffed inside homemade pizza dough.  These Buffalo Chicken Alfredo Pizza Pockets are so delicious, you won't be able to stop at just one! Pizza. Any shape and flavor is a staple in our home. Pizza is the easiest solution when you have quite a few hungry young men in the house, like I do. If you were to ask me what the most requested lunch item here in the sometimes 24/7 Phillips' ... read more

Show Stopper Saturday #46 ~ Chocolate Desserts!

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Hello, friends! Are you enjoying your weekend? We've had an adventurous week full of summer activities.  We went to Lagoon twice (and I was almost talked into going a third time!) this week.  Along with an unlimited afternoon at a trampoline park, swimming, and riding the ski lifts up to the mountain top.  My Instagram photo of Lagoon-- all day long and into the night. I am so ready for a relaxed weekend...  But, I'm most excited to see what you have ... read more

Pizza Muffins

Pizza Muffins made from scratch with #pizza

Savory Pizza Muffins are definitely pizza worthy!  These are perfect sized for individual servings.  Have them for a snack, an appetizer, or a meal with a salad.  Fast and easy to make-- and all made from scratch! Don't you just love how pizza comes in all sizes, shapes, and creations?! The possibilities of making pizza is really endless!  The pizza recipe I have for you today, is in the form of a savory muffin.  Texture so soft in the middle and crispy ... read more

Giant Double Chocolate Cookie

Giant Double Chocolate Cookie with #doublechocolate

A Giant Double Chocolate Cookie exploding with rich chocolate and a delightful taste.  A decadent chocolate cookie that is definitely for the chocolate lovers at heart! On what kind of level do you LOVE chocolate? In my home, I have only one intense chocolate lover. The others (including myself) could really care less about chocolate. Gasp! Easton is our official chocolate lover in the family. He has the pancakes drenched in chocolate every chance he gets... with ... read more

Show Stopper Saturday #45 ~ Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches!

Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches with #ShowStopperSaturday #burgers #sandwiches

Happy Saturday, my friends! I can't wait to see what creations you've been doing all week! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? We adventured off to the high peaks of the Wasatch Mountains this week.  Boy, was it a cold camping trip, but gorgeous!  I shared a little bit more of how exhilarating it was up there on Instagram.   It was more than just peaceful, we were the only family up there for miles! Shall we get this party started?! Us gals want to ... read more

German Chocolate Fudge

German Chocolate Fudge with #coconut #chocolate

A sweet, caramely mix of nuts and coconut in the middle of creamy, decadent fudge.  German Chocolate Fudge is the perfect chocolate fix for your summer chocolate craving! Did you know today is National Fudge Day?! Most of us cherish the special fudge making moments in the middle of winter, during the holidays. But, when you think about it.... fudge is one of the easiest sweet treats to make on a hot summer day! There's no turning on an oven to make this special chocolaty ... read more

Beat The Heat $300 Giveaway!

Beat The Heat this Summer and WIN a $300 Amazon #GiftCard!  #Giveaway

Do you have amazing and fun adventures planned this summer? Some of my awesome blogger buddies and I gathered together to bring you this AMAZING giveaway to Beat The Heat this summer! What are you wanting to get with this $300 Amazon Gift Card for your FUN summer plans??? Good luck, my friends! ... read more