A Month In Pictures: February

I love snapping photos!  Now that it’s evolved into a digital age, we can take endless amount of photos without having to save that last click for a memorable moment.   

Way back in the prehistoric camera ages, I was able to make a roll of film (with 24 exposure) last for about 6 months.  And forget about even pushing that button to capture someone NOT smiling into the camera!  That film was precious!  Not only was it expensive to develop the film (in the local pharmacy), but most of the time the images came back blurry, off centered, or just a plain mystery.  

Fast forward many, many years later… I’m always trying to capture all the moments. 

Introducing, A Month In Pictures.

I want to share with you the tidbits of real life when I’m not creating recipes.  And also, letting YOU play along!  It’s kind of like a photo-a-day-challenge.  At the end of this post, there is a list I’ve put together for the month of March.  And since I love Instagram so much, share with me your photos from the list provided (in no particular order) and add #SGphotosAday in your caption.  I want to see YOUR perspective in photos!


In My Purse

Inside Purse SimplyGloria.com #February

I like to keep it simple.  Wallet and my sunglasses case.  

Road Trip

Road Trip SimplyGloria.com #february

Somewhere along the travels of coming back from Vegas.


Candy SimplyGloria.com #February

A HUGE bag of suckers are always available in the snack cupboard.


Vintage with SimplyGloria.com #February

I’m in love with the history of this lamp post.  It is on an old train station building that is no longer in use.

Hot Mess

Hot Mess SimplyGloria.com #february

I’ve been working on our Construction Room which has been empty for almost 2 years… only because I can never decide how I want to design the soon to be OFFICE-something-room.

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee SimplyGloria.com #february

My new favorite coffee mug.

Wall Art

Wall Art with SimplyGloria.com #February

Always my favorite to look at in passing.

My Town

My Town with SimplyGloria.com #February

Remember when I’ve mentioned I live in a county with no traffic lights…

Letter A

Letter A with SimplyGloria.com #February

Old retired sign.

My Handwriting

My Handwriting SimplyGloria.com #February

Funny how a handwriting can change with the mood you’re in.

More Than One

More Than One with SimplyGloria.com #February

A typical day near my home.

My Favorite Shoes

Fave Shoes SimplyGloria.com #February

These have to be my most favorite shoes this winter.  They’re perfect for running around town and getting stuff done during the day while my guys are at school.

Mirror Selfie

Selfie SimplyGloria.com #february

Beanies are the best to have on #BadHairDay

Black + White

B + W SimplyGloria.com #february

We spent Valentine’s Day fishing at the lake with the whole family.  Years in the past, it would have ice fishing.  But this year, it was so warm and dry– no coats!  We played in the sand and found old rooted up trees.


Snow with SimplyGloria.com #February

With this winter being very mild, this is as much as a snow storm would bring.

My Valentine

My Valentine SimplyGloria.com #february

My Love.  Spending time on a getaway (far, far away) just to go rock out… our kind of date.

Letter B

Letter B with SimplyGloria.com #February

Anther old retired sign.  {Love}

(New) Best Friend

Best Friend SimplyGloria.com #february

With arrival of February, also came a new stove.  The last one seemed to have gotten a mysterious crack across the top.  As well as, the microwave stopped melting my butter.  The last mattress was too hard.  The last 2 coffee makers didn’t make my coffee hot enough.  And, the last dishwasher almost set the house on fire.  It’s been an amazing February!


Hair with SimplyGloria.com #February

One silly fact about me:  my hair is never pulled up in a pony, bun, etc.  It’s always down… curly or straight.  


Sunset with SimplyGloria.com #February

Sunsets are absolutely magical.  Not one is the same.  This may not look quite like the sunset you see when you’re on an island.  But, this sunset is surrounded by mountains.  This view is from outside my kitchen window.  Always pretty when we’re making dinner.

New Love

New Love SimplyGloria.com #february

The arrival of our new family member has been so anticipated!  We’ve been waiting for a long time– since December.  We named our new German Shepherd, Sentry.   

Pop Of… RED

Pop Of... RED SimplyGloria.com #February

 This old bus bench is always randomly sitting near the river bank.  It’s my favorite part about coming down to the bank.

Now it’s your turn!  Share with me your photos via Instagram.  Tag me (@simplygloria1) and #SGphotosAday when posting your photos with the list below.  I can’t wait to see what you capture!

March Photo Challenge with SimplyGloria.com

I’ll be posting my photos through out the month on IG and over here at the end of each month.  Join me on the adventure!

Loves from SimplyGloria.com

Disclaimer:  All photos are taken by me… no one else… just me.

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  1. Julie K says

    Gloria…..Love your hair, love the pup, love your shoes and style, love your views! From here, your rock in’ it!….

    • says

      You’re hilarious, Julia! His hair is almost as long as mine… he has women all the time asking if they can touch his (natural straight blonde, silky) hair. And, he always tells them, no I’m not a petting toy… or would your husband like seeing you run your hands through another mans hair… and they usually respond when they see me that his wife probably wouldn’t enjoy seeing another woman run her hands in his hair! (I laugh every single time!)
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my friend! xo

  2. says

    All your photos are stunning and so are you! You have the prettiest handwriting and gorgeous hair! Yay for a new stove and a new puppy! Sentry is adorable!<3

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