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Welcome to my little world over here at Simply Gloria!

The face behind Simply Gloria Blog

I’m Gloria…the woman behind all the words and pictures on this blog, Simply Gloria.

I’m a sassy wife and spunky momma to 3 sons–ages 7, 17 and 23.  We live in a small town nestled up in the Utah mountains.  I love the simple and quiet life up here.  No traffic lights in this county!

Being a full-time mom really keeps me busy. My oldest son left the nest the DAY he graduated from high school at 17.  And, all though both of my third and twelve graders go to school all day, you’d think I have that as ‘free time’.  No way.  They love to come home for lunch.  And I love being in the kitchen.  So it works out for our family.

Raising Sons with large age gaps in between from SimplyGloria.com

My goofy boys are of course, my whole entire world!

My three boys SimplyGloria.com

I love sweets!  Any baked goods are my weakness!  So you’ll be seeing a lot of yummy sweet desserts on this blog.  Also, when I’m a little bored and want something to do…I’m in the kitchen baking or cooking something.  It’s very relaxing to me.  

My constant and most go-to snack is salsa and chips.  Always.  That could be a meal, right?  Then a cupcake for dessert?

Random things I love:  

  • on-line shopping (oh, how I LOVE!)
  • rock music
  • family dinner and gatherings
  • date nights
  • road trips
  • frosting
  • the mountains

Instagram Photo with SimplyGloria.com(Instagram photo)

My husband is the one that cleans up after my baking/cooking adventures in the kitchen.  While I’m whipping up things that require the Kitchen Aid more than once, he’s on to cleaning it for me to use again.  But when he’s not around being my busboy helper, then I, myself have to do it all.  I know, it’s a bit sad!

So to sum it all up…I am idealist and impractical, imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic, dreamy and generous.

Thanks for popping over and come back soon!

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Loves from SimplyGloria.com

{Updated January 2015} 


  1. Heidi says

    I have read through your website and there is a lot of really awesome ideas on it. I think you have done a really good job!!!

  2. Dolce says

    I loved this article! You have such an amazing attitude and I love your positivity! I think your point of view and perspective was so interesting and from personal experience can definitely agree with you… My sister and I are 16 months apart and we fought more than anything growing up! Now we have an amazing bond and I wish I wasn’t so mean to her as a kid! HA Sisterly love! I would love for us to be closer because the bond between siblings is just so special! I enjoyed your article & POV. I have one son who is 11 months and he is a handful- but I couldn’t imagine life without him! I love him so much and I wonder if there’s enough room in my heart for another! LOL also agree everything happens for a reason!

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