Chevron Burlap & Free Printable

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How excited do you get when you find something that you just have to have RIGHT NOW?

Chevron Burlap and Free Printable - Easy DIY project!

Well, I was in total excitement when I came across this Chevron Burlap!  I just stumbled across it on the bottom shelf in the fabric corner…all alone with the other burlap family.  I love burlap.  But with this Chevron print already on it…total blissfulness!  My mind went into instant creative mode.

Chevron Burlap and Free Printable -

This is an easy DIY project that you’ll have done in no time at all!  Not like those projects that take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish.  (I know you know what I’m talking about, too.)  My husband was impressed that this was done in one afternoon.  I even got this done without taking a break…this is how easy and simple this is!  And yes, I made you a {free} printable for you to enjoy!

Chevron Burlap and Free Printable1

This project requires very little supplies.  You’ll need about 3/4 yard of Chevron Burlap (and you’ll have some extra left over), a piece of ply wood that measures 18″ x 24″ (or you could cut a size of your liking), one 8″ x 10″ frame, sand paper to roughen up the edges of the frame, black spray paint, and a staple gun.

Chevron Burlap and Free Printable2

Spray ply wood (front and back) and frame with the black paint.  (Or you could purchase a black frame.)  Cut the Chevron Burlap 2″ over lapping the plywood.  This will give you room to fold, tuck and staple.  Fold corners in as shown above and below…and staple.

Chevron Burlap and Free Printable4

Flip it over and now you have a Chevron Burlap canvas for your frame!

Chevron Burlap and Free Printable3

With the glass in the frame, glue the corners and sides with Tacky Glue.  (Found in any craft store.)  Press onto the burlap covered wood.  Takes just a few minutes to tack onto the burlap.  Double stick tape under the Printable or a picture of your choice onto the front of the glass for easy change out.

Chevron Burlap and Free Printable - #chevron

Enjoy this free printable to go along with your new canvas of Chevron Burlap!  (Note:  this is the true color below.  My color ink was low…oops!)

Good Looks Run In The Family Free Printable -

Downloading this image (for personal use only, please) is super easy!  All you need to do is click on the image above, and RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE.  Then you can open it up in a program like Word or Picasa and RE-SIZE and PRINT!

Enjoy my friends!

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      Funny (short) story: when I picked this up on my way to the register, the girl working was telling me she was almost in tears with this burlap! (They just got it in that morning.) I think I knew just how she felt…cz I love burlap as well. Thanks Tahny!


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