DIY Painted Dining Table

DIY Painted Table  #DIY

 This now revamped table is where my family eats meals together every night.

Where I feed 3 STARVING high schoolers and one 1st grader every day for school lunch.

This table is where we read and do homework after school.

Where we play the Scooby-Doo board game… while always eating homemade cake, of course.


My Family’s Table


When I first laid my eyes on this table… it had cob webs in all the crevices.  It was dusty and laying in the corner of a shed screaming for some LOVE.

This table did get some attention from the previous owner.  My husband’s friend had taken it all apart and did all the hard work already:  sanded it!  (I refuse to sand wood…I just prefer to “prime”… with a spray can!)  I was so happy he offered to let me take it home!  I was beyond ecstatic!

before painted

I had BIG plans for this sexy beast…just didn’t come to me  for about 3 months later.  I pondered about what color I was wanting it to be.  Wondered if I would distress it in any way.  And, figuring out how to make it so the top of the table was food-proof.  I didn’t want to use stain.  It had a leaf to put in, to extend the table length.  I didn’t need the leaf.  My goal was to keep a small (intimate) table for my family.  So I tossed the leaf.  And focused on my family’s sweet table.

I finally came up with the idea of (spray) painting it all the color Atlantic Almond.


 But then, it so needed something on the top for character.  I figured since it already had a center line down the middle, (because of the missing leaf)… I’d use it as a guide and paint a design.  I decided to hand paint the Fleur de lis.  (The Lily flower, in french.)

DIY Painted Table -

You can easily use a pencil so you can erase any mistakes.  When I got it to where I liked it… and it looked as even as I could make it.  I outlined the design with a marker.  I used craft paint to color in the design.  It then looked too sharp and needed some shading to soften the dark brown color with the almond color.  So, I happened to have some of this laying around.

antique glaze

I dabbed some dark brown antiquing glaze with a dry cloth.  Starting where you want it to be the darkest.  Then working your way out.  Have a clean, dry cloth to dab the excess with your other hand.  The glaze gives you plenty of time to work and shadow your way to where you want it.


I added some more character to the lip/border of the table top with 2″ large distressed decorative nails.

DIY Dining Table (decorative nails on lip of table)

Since these nail heads are 2″, I spaced them far enough apart to where they didn’t crowd each other.  Or, be too far apart.

DIY Dining Table #DIY

My final touch was having  glass cut to fit the dimensions exactly for the table top.  I measured from one edge to the other to where I wanted it to fit exactly.  (The cost was $60.)  It would protect the paint from all of the daily activities with using this table.  I placed glass table top rubber pads under four points of the glass.  This allows the glass to sit off the surface and stay put.

DIY Dining Table - #DIY

My total cost for this project was about $130 — Glass, nail heads and paint…table itself was given to me.

Have you thought of redoing a piece of furniture?  AND, putting your own personality onto it …making it a piece of your own?  That’s what so fun about doing things like this!

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