Lazy Sunday, Living In The Country

Living In The Country by 3

The wintery morning sun begins to arise up over the east mountain side.  Justin and I make our weekday morning drive.   After we’ve dropped the boys off to school, we drive through the back roads of town.

Living In The Country by 1Not a car in sight.  

Living In The Country by 5

Speed limit so slow, we’re able to watch for wild life coming down the hillside, a family of raccoons pass the road, and a big farm dog chasing our truck tires.  The big dog eventually gives up and runs back to it’s gravel lane to wait for another pick up truck to chase.

The cows stop when they hear the rumble of the truck motor passing by. 

Living In The Country from

The horses come closer to the fence, as to get more attention.

Living In The Country by 2

The blistering wind is not at all close to winding down.  

Living In The Country by 6

Mornings happen to be my favorite part of the day.  Whether it’s watching the sun come over the hillside and spreading all across the valley floor.  Or, watching a storm hover over the mountain tops and fog grasps the trees. 

Living In The Country by 4

Winter days are when I get to spend endless amounts of time with my husband.  Going for a little drive in the mornings or stopping by the local place for breakfast.  I’m always thankful for the alone time we get together. 

Happy Sunday, my friends!

What is your favorite part of the day, and why?

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