Lazy Sundays: Springtime

River in the Springtime

It’s Springtime.

The River stirring with the melting snow coming off the mountain.

The sound out my window, of new baby birds chirping into the early dawn.

Tulips peeking out of the snow covered ground.

Springtime Tulips

New baby fawns frolicing off the mountain side…to EAT my tulips coming out of the ground.

Waiting for Summer to arrive next… to go frog hunting before bedtime.  Catching Frogs

Hearing the joyful squeals of all the children riding their bikes out until sunset.

Going for evening walks after dinner holding hands.

So, until then… we’re not yet done with saying good-bye to catching snowflakes on our tongues.

Catching Snow

Just waiting for springtime to come upon us…

While still waiting for Ol’ Man Winter to leave.

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    Love your pictures! You’re blog is great! Thanks for joining us at Give Me the Goods Monday! Hope to see you next week!

    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly


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