Lazy Sundays: Springtime

It's Springtime. The River stirring with the melting snow coming off the mountain. The sound out my window, of new baby birds chirping into the early dawn. Tulips peeking out of the snow covered ground. New baby fawns frolicing off the mountain EAT my tulips coming out of the ground. Waiting for Summer to arrive next... to go frog hunting before bedtime. Hearing the joyful squeals of all the children riding their bikes out until sunset. Going for evening walks after dinner ... read more

Coconut Butter Cookies

 Coconut Butter Cookies are buttery clouds of a cake-like cookie rolled in sweet coconut. I wanted a puffy, cake-y, buttery cookie --  So, I decided to use a Yellow Butter Cake mix for this recipe.  I'm an "all from scratch" kind of baker.  But sometimes, I let loose a bit and use cake mixes for cookies and bars!  (whoo, I know.)  I have to admit there's nothing wrong with a boxed cake mix.  I mean, you have endless amounts of base flavors!  I really love to bake cakes from scratch, though. ... read more

Triple Peanut Butter Chex Bars

 I am a PEANUT BUTTER fanatic!  That's why I had to go all out with the name --  Triple Peanut Butter Chex Bars!   Something about melted peanut butter and marshmallows mixed in with some crunchy chex is just a crunchy peanut butter-y experience! I've been making these for my boys since they were little... the older boys, that is.   And, they still think this is such a treat whenever I make them!  These bars are gobbled up before the day is even over! After these bars are cooled ... read more

Chicken & Bacon Lasagna Roll Ups

 Lasagna Roll Ups are everything you'd find in a traditional lasagna dish.  Except the filling and sauce is all rolled up with each individual lasagna pasta.  Everything stays tucked in! These are not your usual lasagna roll ups, though.  Each pasta is filled with an abundance of cheeses;  tender, shredded chicken;  crispy bacon sauteed with onion and garlic;  and finally, topped with Parmesan Cream Sauce! It just seems as though chicken and bacon were ... read more

DIY Painted Dining Table

 This now revamped table is where my family eats meals together every night. Where I feed 3 STARVING high schoolers and one 1st grader every day for school lunch. This table is where we read and do homework after school. Where we play the Scooby-Doo board game... while always eating homemade cake, of course.   My Family's Table   When I first laid my eyes on this table... it had cob webs in all the crevices.  It was dusty and laying in the corner of a shed ... read more

Mint Triple Chocolate Cookies

I am a cookie fanatic!  Especially when it comes to moist, chocolatey, brownie-like texture with a hint of mint.  These Mint Triple Chocolate Cookies are incredibly soft and chewy!  Literally, melt-in-your-mouth kind of cookie! Did you see the amazing words:  TRIPLE CHOCOLATE?!  Because I couldn't have presented you just any chocolate cookie today... it had to be one baked with 3 types of chocolate inside!  The reasoning behind the TRIPLE CHOCOLATE in this creation of a cookie is:  the melted ... read more

Buttermilk Pancakes

  This is one of the things in our morning routine before school...making HOMEMADE  Buttermilk Pankcakes. Yes, almost every morning...for the past 6 years! My little East will eat a (shorter) stack for breakfast and even some as a bedtime snack. I HAD to have buttermilk pancakes every morning while I was prego with my East.  Funny how things turn out like that, right?  Now he's a pancake fanatic!  (By the way, these are so much less expensive and taste better than store ... read more

Pulled Pork Chili

    This isn't just any is the marriage between pulled pork and fresh salsa.  Then simmered to perfection! In my home, we have celebrations about anything!  And food is always involved!  Most of the time, the food IS the main reason to throw a party. I recently hosted a Chili Competition at our home with all our family.  I made judging sheets for every one that had a bowl(s) of chili.  And awarded amazing prizes to all the participants.   We also made sure there were all the ... read more

Garlic Cheesy Bread

Garlic Cheesy Bread is by far the fastest and easiest thing to make to go along with any meal.  Or even just by itself! Making this bread is topped with a lot of garlic...and cheese, of course! Mix 6 cloves of chopped garlic and 2 tablespoons of garlic spread (or garlic powder) into 10 tablespoons of very soft, unsalted butter.  Spread on top of cut french bread. Put in the oven on the middle rack and set on BROIL at 450 degrees.  Toast the bread until it just starts getting golden on ... read more

Basic Cream Sauce

The White Cream Sauce (also known as a Bechamel Sauce) is the Mother of all sauces.  It is very universal.  You can add any cheeses to melt into it for Alfredo sauce and mac & cheese.  It all comes together with only 3 ingredients and under 10 minutes!   I make this basic cream sauce in a lot of my recipes...which I'm going to share with you very soon! There's a very simple process to start this exquisite sauce... Melt 2 tablespoons of butter (the REAL stuff).  Melt on medium-high heat ... read more

Peanut Butter Cake

 Yay!  Today is the day to celebrate!  And nothing's better than to have some extreme (and I mean, extreme) peanut butter cake! I love this day!  Not only because I LOVE peanut butter...more than chocolate.  It's true.  But because it happens to land on MY birthday.  So I thought I'd bake a moist, tender, peanut buttery cake topped with creamy peanut butter frosting to devour. The reason this peanut butter cake is so delicately moist, is because of the buttermilk.  This cake will literally ... read more

Sewing Table Makeover

 When it comes to making over an old piece of furniture, you need to allow yourself to have THE VISION and make it your own! You may even walk right past something that looks old, banged up and UGLY! I came across this old sewing machine table (with the 1970's sewing machine still inside!) at the local D.I. (Utah's thrift store).  It needed some love! I instantly HAD to take it home!  My husband thought I was crazy.   But of course, I had to spell out THE VISION to him...but he still didn't ... read more