How to Sew Ruffled Kitchen Curtains

How to Make Ruffled Kitchen Curtains -

I want to show you how easy it is to make ruffled curtains for your kitchen without using a pattern.  Every kitchen window is different.  So why not have your very own ruffled curtains that YOU designed!  All by going off the measurements of your kitchen window!

Start by picking out 4 different patterns of fabric that coordinate together.  (One yard of each color pattern.)  Then you’ll need a plain color of fabric (1 and 1/4 yards) for the backing to sew the ruffles onto.

Ruffled Curtain Fabric

My window area for covering is about 40″ wide and 20″ going down.  Note:  This is for 2 windows that are in my kitchen.  But if you just have one window with about this size measurements, purchase 1/2 the fabric measurements I listed.  But still get 1 and 1/4 yard for the back part.  The fabric is already folded in half when you purchase it.  I like to have a little fabric left over just in case.

Ruffled Curtains1

I measured off of where the original curtain rod was (from the previous homeowners).  I didn’t feel the need to  make more holes.  Bad experience when I tried it last time!  Measure where you want the curtains to lay after sewn.

Ruffled Curtains2

Cut all 4 fabrics into strips of 5″ wide.  You will need 3-4 strips per fabric, per window.  (Depending on how scrunchy you sew your ruffles.) For the very top ruffle, it will match the last ruffle.  Cut 4-5 strips 3″ wide for the very top ruffle.

ruffled curtains4

Can you tell I’m married to a construction man and a little boy who makes my sewing tape always disappear?

Fold over the plain fabric– for the backing of the ruffles.  Pin it down to 2″ and 4″ from side to side.  (I know, my measuring skills are a bit off.)  This marks where you are going to sew a straight stitch.  The curtain rod will be sliding into the area between the 2″ and 4″ mark.  And the first ruffle will be sewn onto the area above the 2″ mark.

ruffled curtains5

For the top ruffle strips, hem 1/4″ on both sides.  Tip:  Pre-iron this part and it will be a breeze to sew straight without straight pins in the fabric.

ruffled curtains6

Sew the top 3″ strip onto the plain (black) fabric in between the top edge and the 2″ mark you had already sewn across.  Scrunch up the fabric as you sew up a straight stitch.  But keep the under fabric flat.

ruffled curtains10

Note:  When you are ready for another piece of fabric to continue the ruffle, fold the next piece under and line it beside to fit the fabric you are already sewing.  This way, it all blends into one complete ruffle.   As you continue to the end/edge of the curtain, fold fabric under to hide the seam on the edge…as seen right above.  That is how you should end the ruffle. (This picture of the ruffle is the very last ruffle…so not to confuse you of why it is not hemmed on the top.  Continue below.)

ruffled curtains9

For the rest of the ruffles, only hem one side of the strip.  The un-hemmed side will be hidden under the previous ruffles and will not be noticed.

ruffled curtains8

Above, is the ruffle beginning the no-hemmed edge at the tops of the strips.  Place fabric an inch under the ruffle.  Which is then 1″ above the 2″ line.  Remember your curtain rod is going between the 2″ and 4″ space. (As shown right above.)

ruffled curtains12

Measure with a pencil/pen (to show up) on the fabric 1″ under the 4″ line.  Which will be 1/2 inch under the ruffle above it.  Sew and ruffle on this drawn line as your guideline for the next ruffle.

ruffled curtains11

Continue measuring 1/2 inch under each ruffle as you go.  Sew and ruffle on this guideline.

Note:  If doing two windows side by side, please sew in the same pattern.  Meaning, when  you sew the first ruffle on the first curtain– follow by doing it to the second curtain.  And continue with each ruffle with the next curtain.  Then by doing this, you are making sure they match up perfectly side by side.

How to make Ruffled Curtains for the kitchen -

I hope you find this tutorial helpful in making ruffled curtains for your kitchen.  Feel free to contact me with any questions .  This project is simple for the beginner sewer.  Even if you don’t know all the gadgets on your machine!  (I still don’t.)  Just the straight stitch is all you need!  To be honest, this was my first ruffled project…and my first curtains.  And, I’m happy to be sharing this sewing project with you!

What are some of your favorite projects you have created?

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      Cindy, was actually thinking of you when I was writing this post…b/c of your new sewing machine! I actually picked out my fabric in two different states (I LOVE fabric stores!) and took me over a year to figure out what exactly to do with the fabrics. I’m kinda funny that way! Thank you for popping over to check out my project…you are always so kind! Blog hugs!

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    So glad you mention the other windows, Julie. B/c I’m going to do this with my laundry window…and do a whole shower curtain this way…whenever I have the “mood” to do it! Thanks for the PIN love! You’re the best!

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      Oh no…I am so sorry for that. It is working fine over here. And, I’ve had a few look at it. I’d love for you to check back later, if you can. Thank you so much for the heads up, Isabel! (=

  2. Monique says

    Could you use blackout fabric as the backing fabric to use on a nursery window (making it much longer to cover the whole window, obviously)?


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