July 4th Dessert Table

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Are you getting excited to celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family?!  I can’t wait!  Our families get together with all the kids and celebrate the whole day in our back yard.

July 4th Dessert Table - SimplyGloria.com

I want to show you how easy it is to set up a July 4th Dessert Table for the fun day.  The kids (and adults) will love having this table set up in the yard!  Easy access for all the 4th of July themed sweet treats!

July 4th Dessert Table Banner

You can find any July 4th themed fabric at at your fabric store to make a simple banner.  For the instructions (and very easy to follow), visit Your Homebased Mom.  She shows you the simple steps on how to make your very own fabric pennant banner.  (I love her tutorial!)

July 4th Dessert Table1 - SimplyGloria.com

Make some extra pieces of fabric pennants to hang through out the table.  Hang them with craft clothes pins to decorate the container holding all of the cold beverages.

July 4th Dessert Table5

Fill a large metal bin (that I also found at the craft store) with ice and display red, white, and blue colored drinks!

July 4th Dessert Table4

Adding some things you even have around your home is always a nice touch as well.  Besides, this red clock was quite useful…the kids kept asking what time the fireworks were going to start!  Also, cover the table with some cut fabric (no sewing needed).  Layer with some burlap for more of a rustic look.

July 4th Dessert Table - Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops

Speaking of using what you already have in your home for part of the decor…I used a red drawer to display these Marshmallow Pops.  Fill with styrofome and cover it with some left over fabric.  Put large marshmallows on sucker sticks and dip into some white chocolate.  Then, drizzle with red chocolate (also found at the craft store).  Finish by topping it with a blue candy piece.  This is one of the kids’ favorite treats!

July 4th Dessert Table2 - SimplyGloria.com

I think you know by now, I have a major sweet tooth…but I decided to put out a few pieces of fruit out for the kiddos.  They loved having their triangle pieces of watermelon on a popsicle stick!  After you cut them into the shapes, carefully slit a hole with a knife and stick the stick in– ta dah!

July 4th Dessert Table6

Also stacking your favorite berries onto a short kabob stick makes it easy for every one to enjoy.  And, don’t forget to make your favorite brownies!

July 4th Dessert Table - Pop Rocks Topped Cupcakes

Cupcakes are fun to make with Pop Rocks candy sprinkled on the frosting!  To make the colored themed cupcakes;  divide the white cake mix batter into 3 bowls mixed with food coloring.  Then spoon the colored batter individually into the cupcake liners.  Bake and frost.  Then sprinkle the candy on top.  So fun!

July 4th Dessert Table - SimplyGloria.com #july4th #celebration

I hope you enjoy this little bit of inspiration for your 4th of July themed party!

What are your plans for this 4th of July?

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      LOL! Thanks Tahny! Guess I better start planning this yr’s party…this was all from last year. But I’m for sure doing the marshmallow pops becz they were such a hit with the kids..and super easy to make!

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      I’m glad you like the banner I made, Leigh Anne! I just love your tutorial…and have been going back to it for the past 2 years every time I make one! (Yes, I’ve made quite a few!)

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      Thank you so much Cindy! I’m so happy you like the table…it was perfect outside. (This was last yr.) All the kids were playing in the water and grabbing treats. All without running through the house!

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      I can’t even believe it’s middle of the year already! Our winters seem so long…and summers are too short. Hope you are enjoying your summer with your little girl!

    • says

      I love a theme, too. It makes it a little inspirational if you got something to work around with, right?! Thanks Tina! Hope you’re enjoying this weekend!


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