Applesauce Monster Cookies

Super soft, chewy Applesauce Monster Cookies surrounded with creamy peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, toffee bits, and mini M&M’s.  The fun colors and decadent texture would put a smile on anyone’s face!

Applesauce Monster Cookies with

Applesauce is one of those healthy food items that are in my kitchen for one reason only– baking.

It’s kind of like the bananas that enter my house.  Very rarely do they get eaten up by one of the boys.  And, definitely NOT by me.  Same goes with the applesauce.

Applesauce Monster Cookies with #candyApplesauce in cookies make the softest cookies ever!  

The texture is really what you’ll notice in these Applesauce Monster Cookies.  

Yeah, there’s chocolate swirling all around with those mini M&M’s… and milk chocolate toffee bits.  But, it’s the hint of creamy peanut butter, oats, and the applesauce which takes the texture of this particular cookie to the level of pure bliss!

Making these fun little cookies are a breeze!  

Applesauce Monster Cookies with #PeanutButter

Simply give the dough some time to chill and relax (as my boys say, chill-ax) in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.  By doing this simple little step, it helps give the gluten time to relax.  

It also allows the flour to have a little time to absorb more into the liquid.  

Putting the cookie dough into the refrigerator also helps so the cookies won’t spread into each other on the baking sheet.  The cooler the dough is when going into the oven, the better your cookies will stay put and puff up in baking.

Applesauce Monster Cookies with #cookies

Applesauce Monster Cookies
Super soft, chewy Applesauce Monster Cookies surrounded with creamy peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, toffee bits, and mini M&M’s. The fun colors and decadent texture would put a smile on anyone’s face!
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  1. 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  2. 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  3. 1/2 cup light brown sugar
  4. 2 large eggs
  5. 1 egg yolk
  6. 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  7. 1 cup applesauce
  8. 3/4 cup oats (Quick or Old Fashioned)
  9. 1 3/4 cup all purpose flour
  10. 1 teaspoon baking soda
  11. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  12. 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
  13. 1/2 cup milk chocolate toffee bits
  14. 1/2 cup mini M&M's candy
  1. In a large mixing bowl, cream together butter and sugars for one minute. Add eggs and yolk until all combined.
  2. Mix in peanut butter, applesauce, and oats. Stir until all combined.
  3. Put flour, baking soda, and salt in a separate bowl, and whisk together. Gently add these dry ingredients to the dough.
  4. Gently stir in mini chocolate chips, toffee bits, and M&M's.
  5. Set cookie dough into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  7. Use a medium cookie scoop to place cookie dough onto covered (parchment paper or a silicone baking mat) baking sheet.
  8. Bake for 12-14 minutes. Allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes before placing them on a cooling rack. Enjoy!
  1. Makes 3 dozen medium size cookies. Store in an air tight container and will stay fresh for up to 5 days.
Simply Gloria
Applesauce Monster Cookies with Made with peanut butter, oats, and #applesauce!

For another moist applesauce cookie recipe, try these…

Triple Chocolate Applesauce Cookies by #chocolate

Triple Chocolate Applesauce Cookies


Enjoy, my friends!

When is your favorite time of the day to enjoy a fresh baked cookie?  

In our home, it’s after school!

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  1. says

    Gloria, i’ve never used applesauce in cookies, but LOVE the idea! Seriously…I totally can imagine it only making them better! Monster cookies are one of my favorite things to eat….it’s the peanut butter. Have you ever had monster cookie ice cream?! To die for. Anyways, Totally pinning this. Guess I have to add this to my very long list of foods to make 😉 Really like how descriptive your writing is. Thank you!
    Kelly – LEFT SIDE OF THE TABLE recently posted…Baked Scotched EggsMy Profile

    • says

      Kelly, now I’m going to be on a hunt for some of that ice cream! I’m right there with you for the peanut butter reason of loving monster cookies!

    • says

      Marcie, I think the applesauce gives it the same kind of texture as a banana does in baked goods. Only difference would be I can’t taste the applesauce. I’d like to keep it that way… lol!

    • says

      Sheila, that’s usually what I have to do with the applesauce, because it’s just that popular in the house to be devoured by itself. lol

    • says

      Nancy, kids are just weird! Why can’t they just be in love with all the healthy-ness we try to shove in their mouths?! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • says

      No you’re not alone, Lisa. lol! I just grew up making applesauce cookies with my aunt. Otherwise, I’d not have even tried it. 🙂 (I just do it for the texture… not really for the healthy part. You know me!)

  2. says

    Gloria, I love how soft and pillowy these cookies look – I’ve never tried adding applesauce to cookies before but I love the idea 🙂 My lil guy doesn’t like applesauce either but I will definitely give these a try the next time I pick some up – pinning 🙂


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