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 Simply Gloria is a personal memoir and a lifestyle blog where I share the love about…food, DIY, crafts, easy sewing projects, family, and some bits of real life.

 I absolutely LOVE sharing all the things that I’ve learned or have taught myself to do.

When I was growing up, I was always interested in making any food or craft into a creation of my own.  (Even designing clothes and hair styles.)  With many of the basics, I was taught at a young age by all the women in my life.  And, with most things, I’ve just taught myself how to do them…through trial and error.  Every tutorial on my blog has been done (by me) and tested (by others)– before I share them with you.

I have, of course, some sewing tutorials to share with you.  I am not a perfect seamstress.  I envision a finished project and make it happen with my own step by step creation.  That pretty much goes with everything I do…as well as with DIY projects, that require paint and some LOVE.

Sewing & DIY at SimplyGloria.com

1.  Tooth Fairy Pillow & Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable  2.  DIY Dining Table  3.  Ruffled Curtains Sewing Tutorial  4.  Sewing Table Redo

Another thing I’ll be posting on here from time to time, is bits and pieces of real life.  I’m a wife and also a momma to 3 sons…and with the oldest being an independent adult (23 years old!), a full on teenager boy in this house (17) and my baby turned into a young boy (7).  I have maybe a few things to talk about.

Mother's Day - SimplyGloria.com

Read more about what Mother’s Day means to me.

My biggest passion is to bake and cook anything and everything.  I will always give you detailed instructions on how to make even the simplest of things.  So, I love sharing with you all the yummy treats and delicious meals I love to make for my family.

Dessert Features from SimplyGloria.com

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Recipes and more with SimplyGloria.com

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This is just a peak of what you’ll find over here on my blog.  Take a look around and you’ll be able to find some delicious creations by me!

I especially love comments and emails!  Even if you wanna {just say Hi}!  It’d so make my day!

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{Updated October 1, 2014}